Services and expertise

We currently offer the following range of NVH services to our clients

Acoustic Transfer Function Measurements


  • Airborne Acoustic Noise Transfer Functions (ATF)
  • Structureborne Acoustic Noise Transfer Functions (NTF)
  • Structureborne Vibration Transfer Functions (VTF)

Vehicle Component Noise Measurements


  • HVAC System Noise
  • Operational Sound Quality
  • Infotainment System Assessment
  • Component  1m sound power measurement to ISO 3746:1995
  • Binaural Recordings for Subjective Assessment 

Vehicle Benchmarking


  • Idle Noise and Vibration
  • Powertrain Noise
  • Axle Noise
  • Road Noise
  • Wind Noise
  • Intake System Noise (Orifice and Shell)
  • Exhaust Noise (Orifice and Shell)
  • Impact Harshness
  • Exterior Noise Drive-away
  • Tip in / Tip Out 

NVH Consultancy


  • ATF Target Setting and Trim Pack Development
  • Turbo Noise and Vibration
  • Intake and Exhaust System Acoustic Design

Semi-anechoic Chamber Hire


Our vehicle semi-anechoic chamber is available for hire on a per shift basis. For more details please contact us

Our Future Plans?....

  • Vehicle Full and Part Load Testing
  • Exhaust System NVH Design and Development
  • Powertrain and Driveline NVH Tests


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